Germany's first ever Trans Guest House

Planned by trans folks for trans folks, The Lovely T aims at centering guests with trans, inter, non-binary and/or genderqueer experience travelling to Berlin. Berlin has always been a magnet for queer and gender-diverse people due to the city’s well-known queer history and comparatively queer-friendly environment. That’s why we’re convinced that Berlin is the ideal place for this project. The guest house will be having the flair of a cozy family hostel.

Along with the guest house itself we’ll be setting up an art gallery as part of the interior. Ideally our future location will also have a separate exhibition room. Thus, we will be able to exhibit and promote the rich art of trans artists.

Location hunt 🔎︎

We’re currently searching for a suitable space with the following criteria:

In case you happen to know a suitable space or you know someone who knows someone, we’d greatly appreaciate any hint at:

+49 176 4126 6813

Thank you very much!

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