Earenya Guerra

Earenya’s vision is that of being a trans guest house mother - welcoming, preparing, cleaning, managing, supporting, caring, chatting and laughing. She enjoys being a host and naturally takes on responsibility for the wellbeing of the people around her.

That vision of hers was sown after watching a documentary about the lives of trans women in Istanbul. Amid a societal environment of hate crimes and murders against trans women what is keeping the survivors together is community – and an actual community space. At the end of the day an affirming community is what we need in order to thrive.

The sown seed grew further when she worked in a small and elegant hotel in Berlin City West and discovered her passion as a guest host. Working in tourism has always been a part of her long and eclectic journey, starting with working in a travel agency and later at a major global online travel plattform.

Currently, you can find her frequently at the reception of the cozy Kiez Hostel Berlin close to Warschauer Straße as well as offering wellness at the turkish hamam of the Schokofabrik. She enjoys travelling and discovering new places - and especially feeling good and safe while doing that.

Ceniza Armstrong

Ceniza joined Earenya's vision of a trans exclusive hostel with the clear intention of creating an art gallery. Having previously worked in art galleries and institutions, she had the urge of bringing up an art space exclusive for trans people, through which we could directly affect the cultural structure of our own society and empower our vision in the slow but sure co-creation of this world in order to make it a more hospitable place for us.

Due to her experience with transphobia in the form of violence, homelessness and work area discrimination, Ceniza's focus lies in finding practical solutions for the foundation of safety for other trans people and on the promotion of their work.

Having migrated from South America and rebuilding her life in a new continent, forming a space that offers safety to transgender travelers, migrants and refugees offers her the possibility to give to others what she needed the most.